Grocery Stores

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Grocery Stores

Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St; Oregon and Shattuck
Best produce selection in the world. Both the 18 and the F bus line goes right there.

Trader Joe's
Locations in Berkeley, Rockridge, Emeryville, and El Cerrito
Great deals and lots of easy-to-prepare, preservative-free food.

4 of its 8 locations are in Berkeley!
Is nice but a bit pricey, although they sometimes have surprising deals

Monterey Market
1550 Hopkins St in North Berkeley
Really great and (relatively) inexpensive produce, plus a reasonable stock of other grocery items. Around the corner, by the way, is a gourmet cheese and coffee shop, a butcher, a baker, (no candlestick maker), a fish shop, a Chinese restaurant, the best New York-style pizza in town (in this writer's opinion), as well as a liquor store and a real-estate agent. And a giant plant nursery.

Farmer's Market
Center and MLK (Saturday 10:00-3:00)
For even more amazing stuff that's only affordable once in a while, the farmers market at Center and MLK (Saturday 10:00-3:00) is a lot of fun. Definitely a good place to visit. Also Tuesdays and Thursdays, in different locations.