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Cheap Restaurant Recommendations

Cheeseboard pizza
1512 Shattuck Ave; near Vine & Shattuck
They make one kind a day, and it's usually awesome. $2.50 a slice.

House of Curries
2520 Durant Ave.
"I rarely eat out, but the one place I say I find acceptable is House of Curries"

Bobby G's Pizza
2072 University Ave
Great Pizza, relaxed sports bar, free wireless (I believe)

2181 Shattuck Ave.
Half sandwich soup/or salad all for $6.50, and great pizza too!

La Burrita
2530 Durant Ave; also in Bear's Lair and on Euclid
$2.19 (tax included) veggie taco and the best ground beef burrito in town!

Smart Alec's
2355 Telegraph Ave.
healthy and tasty fast food. Veggie burgers for $3.00 (including tax) (they also have regular burgers, lots of sandwiches, soups, and salads. Free delicious baked fries if you bring in a (recent) A-grade paper or test!

The Racha Cafe
2516 Telegraph Ave; between Blake St & Dwight Way
Considering how good it is, the prices are amazingly low.

1834 Euclid Ave; not too far north of Hearst
If you like pretty good pizza, pretty cheap pizza. There's also a La Burrita and a nice outside-ish eating area.

2519 Durant Ave; an Italian restaurant in the Asian food court
Gypsy's is soooooo good (and sooooooooo bad for you). Still, if you want really good, fairly cheap Italian it's hard to beat. I have yet to try a calzone there, but it's on my list of life goals

India Palace
2160 University Ave
The all you can eat buffet is fantastic

2948 College Ave
Homemade gourmet ice cream. Creative and traditional flavors, and the cones have a sweet little surprise at the bottom. It's worth the wait in line.

Bittersweet Cafe
5427 College Ave in Oakland; about two blocks south of Rockridge BART
The best hot chocolate (and spicy hot chocolate) anywhere + decadent truffles and other chocolate-related items and desserts. Lots of imported chocolates for sale.

Planet Juice
2202 Shattuck Ave
For a treat on a hot day, I LOVE Planet Juice . It's definitely splurging, since they are overpriced, but they have really, really fresh squeezed juices (both fruit and vegetable). You can get anything from fresh carrot juice to a blueberry/raspberry milkshake/smoothie (Hint: I don't go for the carrot juice.)