Dentists and Doctors

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Dentists and Doctors

Dentist | Dr. Denise Alexander and associates
2522 Dana St. (close to campus)
I highly recommend Dr. Denise Alexander and associates. They're super nice; I think they're my favorite dentist(s) of all time.

Dentist | Dr. Levine
No longer takes SHIP insurance, but is very thorough.

Dentist | Joseph Cortese, DDS
510 Kains Ave, Albany
Takes SHIP and you usually have a good time in their office (appointments can be VERY hard to schedule, though -- seems quite popular).

Medical Care | Tang Center
On Bancroft (near Dana)

In general, the staff/doctors/etc at Tang are overworked, but they seem to genuinely care about students, I would say.
UC Eye Center
Minor Hall by HaasBusiness School, also at Tang Center
UC Eye Center for all your eyecare needs. $5 eye exams with SHIP! Very thorough exams!