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In alphabetical order ...

Berkeley Covenant Church

1632 Hopkins Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Service: 10.30am
Multi-generational, multi-ethnic protestant church of the evangelical covenant denomination of approximately 80 members who seek to experience and live out the apostolic faith as laid out in the Bible with one another as part of a church community. The music on sundays is a mix of contemporary songs and traditional hymns. Current members are from diverse denominational backgrounds.

Chinese for Christ, Berkeley
2715 Prince St.,
Berkeley, CA 94705
Services: English-9:40am, Chinese-11am
A small non-denominational church with youth, college, young adult, and family fellowship group meetings throughout the week. The 80- to 100-member English congregation is composed of mainly American-born Chinese, but all are welcome. The English congregation senior pastor is Chris Yen, who has also served as the youth pastor at CFC Berkeley.

Christ Church
2138 Cedar Street (Berkeley) and 4101 Park Blvd (Oakland)
Services: Berkeley: 10:30am, Oakland: 5:00pm
Christ Church has a smaller congregation (may be a couple hundred?) and a more academic style of preaching. The congregation is made up of a lot of students and young professionals. A disproportionate number of lawyers and law students attend here. There are some young families as well. The service is pretty traditional, i.e. there is a lot of liturgy. (There's not as much as at a Catholic or Episcopal church, but much more than you'd expect from a Presbyterian church.) Christ Church is currently in the PCA, but is soon reorganizing in the EPC. It's a Redeemer (NYC) church plant and is also affiliated with City Church in SF; it's about 6 years old. The two lead Pastors, Bart and Jonathan are really wonderful. I appreciate that their sermons are very thoughtful and genuine. Christ Church also has Community Groups during the week, where its easier to get to know other people in the congregation.

Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church
1623 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Services: Sunday 10am (Sunday School), 11am (Morning Service), 12:15pm (Free Lunch), 1:15 (Afternoon Service); Tuesday 7pm (Free Dinner and Bible study)
A small (~30 people) and friendly church, spanning babies to the elderly. The teaching is excellent: the gospel is preached clearly in every sermon, no matter what the passage, and I always leave knowing more about God and scripture than I did coming in. Services are simple and traditional, with lots of hymns. Different sermons are preached in the morning and afternoon services, with a potluck lunch in-between (there's always plenty of food!). Sunday school is somewhat academic in style, focusing for instance on theology, broad Biblical themes, or Christian history. Some past topics include Covenant Theology (the covenental relationship between God and man), the relationship between the Law and the Gospel, Reformation History, seeing Christ in the whole Bible, and considering Christ as the singer of the Psalms.

First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley
2407 Dana Street
Berkeley, CA
Services: 9a (Traditional), 11:30a (Contemporary)
A friendly and diverse church just south of the UC Berkeley campus with ministries and teachings for all ages and backgrounds.

Newman Hall - Holy Spirit Parish
2700 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA
Mass: Sat 5pm, Sun 7:30, 9:30 & 11:30am, 5 & 10pm (Mon - Sat 12:10pm)
The Catholic student parish at UC Berkeley. Newman is a very diverse community, spanning a wide range of ages, cultures, and socioeconomic groups. All are welcome!

Oakland City Church
430 49th Street
Oakland, CA 94609
Service: 5pm
Oakland City Church is a new church planted in a boundary neighborhood of the city, seeking to bring people who don't belong together around Jesus, for the sake of people who don't belong. It's early days and we are still discerning what God is doing...we'd love to have your voice during this exciting time of beginning. 

238 E 15th St
Oakland, CA 94606
Services: 9:30am, 6:00pm
Doing justice, loving mercy & walking humbly with our God in the city of Oakland. In a city bursting with people of all shapes, sizes and colors, Regeneration is in a unique place to put down our roots in our neighborhood and love it the way Jesus would. We hope this is a place where you'll find Jesus at work in the folks within our family and all around us. Come over and meet us, we hope you'll stick around.

St Ambrose Catholic Church
1145 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA 94706
Mass: Sunday 8:30 and 10:30AM (English), 12:15PM (Spanish)
A Christ-centered Catholic church. Sermons are short and simple (i.e. I actually remember some of it at the end of the service). A good opportunity to take a Sunday morning break from highly intellectual university circles and spend an hour simply centered on Christ and Communion. Within walking distance to University Village.