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Veritas Leaders

Veritas is a student-led group. Our current list of leaders has not been updated, but below is a list of last year's student leaders.

David Berger, Facilitator
david-and-pixel.jpgMasterful wearer of hats, endurance sport enthusiast, and pioneer of the flutter-tongue whistling technique, I am as off-beat as they come. My two goals this year are to keep leaders from burning out and to articulate as well as possible what it is God is calling us to accomplish as a community. In my work time, I like to research international development and macro-economics.

Esther Cho, Celebration Events

By making celebration events enjoyable and accessible, I hope to provide opportunities for
 incoming graduate students and returners alike to bring God praise and to participate and take ownership of Veritas as a core part of their Berkeley community.  Originally from the LA area, I am a second-year Sociology PhD student and attend First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley.

Paul Riggins, Treasurer, Webmaster, and First Pres Liaison
As steward of Veritas's tech, funds, and other miscellania, I aim to provide logistical support to my comrades in leadership and the community at large. I joined Veritas when I came to Berkeley in Fall 2013, and have been very blessed to be a part of a community of committed Christians in graduate school. I grew up in LA, went to Harvey Mudd College, and spent a year teaching English and ministering in Turkey before coming to UC Berkeley to pursue a PhD in physics. I attend Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

TJ Tsai, Community Development and Small Group Coordinator
My role in Veritas is to make sure that the small group communities are running smoothly and have what they need to thrive.  I've been involved with the Wednesday co-ed small group for two and a half years, and have been tremendously blessed by the support and encouragement of that community.  I'd like to make sure that everyone looking for a small group can find a place to get plugged in.  If you have ideas or thoughts on how we can make our small group communities more awesome, please come talk to me!  I'm originally from Colorado and am in the third year of my PhD program in electrical engineering.  

Becca Wernis, Friday Programs

I am looking forward to putting together some engaging topics for our upcoming Friday Fellowship events. I hope to create a warm, welcoming, open environment to discuss 
interesting, timely, and practical topics. I am a 1st year PhD student studying environmental engineering, but really atmospheric chemistry with as much physics thrown in as I can get away with. I grew up in Chicago and attended undergrad in the L.A. area. I go to First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley and my favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes.